Music was never in my plans, it just happened by chance. I have always written poems, and a friend suggested writing songs. It has taken me awhile to fully jump into music and it continues to be a work in progress. 

Every day I continually try to get better and better at this craft. I hope that you will follow me as we continue on this journey together.  I will always be striving and I will always continue to push the boundaries of music as I try to create music that reaches the hearts and minds of all people.

The future looks bright but I remain humble; practicing my craft daily and awaiting the right opportunities. Whether it's on my guitar or with my pen, I craft my songs naturally. My influences are Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bernie Taupin, Sia Furler, Diane Warren, Bill Withers, Shatta Wale, Burna Boy and many others. I write pop, pop country, R&B, K pop, Afro Beat , Euro pop and electric soul songs. Some say that there is a universal feel to my songs, but I believe that it is a mixture of all the above; who have influenced me.